Long Live Big Ed – @ChrisTrew

Last time I was in Memphis I had a show at a venue with a really cool marquee and really cool windows, neither of which had posters for our show and we had very low attendance. Still, I have high hopes for Memphis. If I can drive to and from Austin/Houston as often as I do, why not add Memphis to the mix. It’s an easy peasy 6 hour skip from New Orleans to here.

We listened to 504 Boyz first since they have 504 in the name and we were in New Orleans when we pressed play and because we are really clever and poetic. This album was really, really unforgettable and I don’t see myself ever listening to it again for the rest of my life. I also ate some cashews which were unremarkable themselves but I see myself eating cashews from time to time if they are laying around and I am hungry. I never see myself listening to this album again, even if it is laying around and I am hungry.

Next was Big Ed. I really like Big Ed. He’s definitely in my top 10 favorite No Limit Albums of all time. I used to get laughed at when I threw out those words in High School but who’s laughing now (probably nobody). Big Ed has some serious staying power. He is rarely outperformed by his guests (a staple on all other No Limit “Solder” Songs, which include between 6 and 45 other rappers guest appearing), he has fun choruses (mostly about killing or fucking but still) and dude just sounds really excited that he dropped out of Eastern Washington University to pursue a rap career and was kinda successful at doing so. He was on a basketball scholarship too, so he really was actually tall (or Big) and all those people who think he named himself after his favorite Tom Hanks movie can now all take a nap. Fool I thought I told you, I’ll knock your head up off your shoulders (with my defense of Big Ed using Big Ed lyrics).

Fella passed away in 2001 which I didn’t know until doing research for this post. He died of cancer at 30 years old and that makes me sad. But this song below makes me happy because it reminds me of running track in high school. Long live the Biggest of all Eds!

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