Remembering Mr. Serv-On @Crappington

In high school when we were first getting in to No Limit, we all picked who our favorite rapper was.  I wasn’t going to be a conformist and say P or Mystikal, so I decided to just arbitrarily pick one of No Limit’s deep cuts: Mr Serv-On.  Once I made this decision I went hardcore.  “Da Next Level” was the third album I bought in my life (The fourth was Serv’s earlier release “Life Insurance.  The fifth was Lil’ Soldiers “Boot Camp” which will definitely be a future post).  I raved about how good this album was to anyone who would listen.

So I was particularly invested when we fired up “Da Next Level” today on the drive to Memphis.  I was kind of hoping that this listen would prove that occasionally you can go home again and I would love Mr Serv-On as much today as I did in 10th grade.  Unfortunately, none of these things happened.

Now I had sort of seen this coming because in my heart of hearts I knew all those years ago I was faking my love of Serv.  Even then I could tell he didn’t seem to understand how to match a beat or how to write lyrics that created a coherent song theme, but I had planted my flag and stuck to my convictions that Serv was the best of the No Limit rappers.

This listen through thoroughly exposed that fiction.   I can’t pretend anymore.  I have to admit that Mr. Serv-On isn’t that good, and that at 15 I was just being stubborn and trying to play the “Oh you just aren’t smart enough to get why he is so good” card to feel cooler.  I can also use the rest of the time on the Platinum Diamonds trip to crown my new favorite No  Limit rapper, and this time it will be for all the right reasons.

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