Dear Full Blooded, – @ChrisTrew

Dear Full Blooded,

I wrote the below for a blog I’m writing with my friend Chris Carrington. I’m not very nice about your album but then again I don’t think you put a lot of effort into this. So, yeah, 10+ years later you’re still getting google alerts about it. Sorry.

– Chris

When I was collecting decent paychecks every other week in high school from my Winn-Dixie stint (wrangling carts to dressing shelves to cashiering to deli’ing – that’s heightening) I had so much disposable income there was only two choices.

#1. Save the money
#2. Buy every No Limit CD every single week and also lots of Smoothies and Putt-Putt games

Since I’m a real life party animal I went with option #2 and I still would do the same thing to this very day. There was one instance, however, that I will never forget. The day I purchased Full Blooded Memorial Day against the advice of my best friends.

Full Blooded wasn’t a guest on very many No Limit albums and when he was he stunk up the place pretty bad. He was like a bulldog let loose at a party for golden retrievers only. Both are fine breeds of dog but that bulldog doesn’t know how to interact with the disciplined retrievers. Plus all these retrievers are at least a little gold and Full Blooded sold like, 60 albums.

Okay, fine, he sold more than that but not much more. It’s widely known as one of the most unsuccessful albums in the history of No Limit and after a pastry puff sophomore release Full Blooded disappeared. At least there was that time he was all “hey, how about I’m a giant who digs up graves for my album cover” and then nobody said “bad idea”. I’m sure that album is framed nicely somewheres special.

Here’s the track listing for the album with my thoughts in bold.

  1. “Dog Shit”- 2:10 one of the worst starts to an album of all time
  2. “Quickest Way to Die”- 4:13 (Featuring Mo B. Dick) forgettable 
  3. “Foes Bleed Bullets”- 3:25 (Featuring Hounds Of Gert Town) hilarious title
  4. “Sleep No More”- 3:56 (Featuring Hounds Of Gert Town) zzzzzzzzz
  5. “Same Ole Nigga”- 3:03 yup
  6. “I’m Gonna Hustle”- 3:57 (Featuring C-Murder & Big Edbut not when it comes to writing songs
  7. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”- 4:10 (Featuring Dolliole & Ms. Peacheshard to get stains out
  8. “My Day Gon Come”- 3:54 (Featuring Mo B. Dick) uncomfortable
  9. “Gangsta Shit”- 3:40 (Featuring Snoop Doggoh, right
  10. “Bad Dreams”- 4:13 (Featuring Camouflage & Nite Tymeuncomfortable part 2
  11. “Head Busting”- 4:03 (Featuring Camouflage & Nite Tymeyeah, okay
  12. “Red Rum”- 4:17 (Featuring Nite Tymethe only even slightly clever title and the chorus is a rip off
  13. “Give ‘Em Some”- 4:32 some what
  14. “Dogfight”- 3:22 (Featuring Ghetto Commissionnot good
  15. “Count Down”- 3:59 (Featuring Camouflage & Steady Mobb’nto the end of the album
  16. “Full Blooded”- 4:00 (Featuring Camouflage & Nite Tymeeject
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