Memphis Redbirds – Autozone Park

Memphis Redbirds, Autozone Park

The first time I ever drove through downtown Memphis I saw this park and I thought to myself in italics “did Memphis used to have a pro team here? How did I not know that? This is the kind of information I retain with ease”. Okay, it’s not that big but at first glance I thought it was. Maybe it’s because minor league ballparks aren’t typically downtown. But then again that may be a fact I made up. Yeah, let’s just look at some pictures.

The park is called Autozone Park which has got to be one of the most uncool sponsors. It’s not a technology company or a company that ships shit all over the globe or a laser making company or something that sounds like its own planet. It’s a store that fixes stuff and smells like a car hospital. I’m also not nuts about this giant old man as the Memphis logo. I’m digging the old school vibe of the place, yeah, but Redbirds are much cooler than OldDudes. I also would have heavily considered calling this park The Zone or the Get in the Zone Park because (I think) that is the Autozone slogan.

Here’s Chris Carrington posing with this strange thing. He looks pretty casual I guess.

We’re gonna be seat hopping all week long but this was the very first place we plopped. #34 itched his asshole a lot and at the end of the game during a crucial moment I yelled at him and on the ensuing play he dropped the ball and a run scored. I realized then what powers I possess as a fan sitting in the outfield and I must use these powers wisely or I will ruin the sport of baseball which will piss a lot of people off and ruin lots of lives.

This is a movie quote, I know, but is it something else? Am I missing something? Is the Bird talking to us? Does the Memphis Redbird typically wonder how everyone else is doing? Is this a character trait? This banner was hung in several places so they want us to wonder these things.

All the rage on Foursquare was the BBQ Nachos here. I didn’t get any because I ate a subpar burger before the game but I did manage to sneak this photo of this guy eating them. The eyeballs on his knee won’t be getting any sun, that’s for sure.


The girl at the top was leaning on a recycling bin, drinking a plastic bottle of water, finished the water then threw it in the trash can next to her. I thought this was absurd but then she asked if she could touch my beard and I thought this was cool. She touched it, I took a picture of her and we’re almost done here.

No souvenirs were purchased in Memphis but Chris was tempted here, despite his dead hamster frown.

The Redbirds lost in a close game that went by pretty fast. Good start to Platinum Diamonds! Look at that graffiti!





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