Wichita Wingnuts – Lawrence-Dumont Stadium

We left Kansas City late because we went to the Negro League Baseball Museum. Then we got to Wichita even latter because we stopped in Lawrence to eat food then took a wrong turn. Then we left Wichita immediately after the final out to sample Stillwater, Oklahoma nightlife. Our time with the Wichita Wingnuts was limited but it was our favorite minor league park of the trip (barely edging Memphis). Photos be coming!

Let’s get this out of the way.

This guy had a radar gun and Chris Carrington said he wants a radar gun really bad and that he would radar everything so can someone please get him a radar gun and see if he is telling the truth? Maybe just get him a broken one and see how many things he points it at?

These kids had a homerun hitting contest but the ball was on a tee and they were facing the wrong direction and to get a “homerun” all you had to do was hit it on top of the net. Kids just don’t understand.

These seats reserved for Oscar the Grouch, Duke the Dumpster and that band with that song “stupid girl.”

Chris Carrington said he loved Wichita (mainly because he had to wear a jacket to guard against the chill) but then this happened and he start cussing it. He’s moody.

I lingered here for about 10 minutes waiting for my souvenir homerun ball to land perfectly in my pocket but it didn’t happen. I have two games left to catch the ultimate souvenir and I can already feel the tears forming.

At least I have this. Here’s me and Spinner, he’s a giant squirrel. There was also some light green snot ghoul who made a brief appearance and kids had to have a bag full of garbage to meet him. That sentence is 100% real.

Hey Wichita – GREAT JOB GUYS.





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