Memphis Food

We followed the Man vs. Food rule when we first arrived in Memphis. Usually that fella goes to fun places so we follow. Another favorite rule is seeking out “Hipster Lists” on Yelp (learned that from Sophie Johnson). This burger was awesome at first but we felt like the further we got away from it the less memorable it got.

One of the most exciting parts of this trip is the BBQ coming our way in Kansas City. But while taking in the neon on Beale Street we were convinced to have BBQ in Memphis as well. Every restaurant on the block had a dozen trophies in the window or a banner that said they won some award. Everyone wins in Memphis! After splitting this we walked around the FedEx Forum which we decided was one of the nicer basketball arenas in the league from the outside. Please note that we were forced to choose 2 sides and one side remained untouched.

Nashville Food

We hit up this awesome burger place called Burger Up.  This is a Woodstock.  It was a fancy bun topped with fancy bacon, fancy chedder, and fancy homemade Jack Daniels Ketchup.  Terp got his medium, but I was bold and got mine rare.  I also got a ginger beer that made my lips tingle.   In the background is their homemade aioli and homemade ketchup.  Those were also fun.  I would definitely eat at this place again.

Chris Trew dropped the Tennessee Honey bombshell on me on the road to Nashville by saying, “Hey have you had any of those honey whiskeys?  They are badass.”  So before we hit the baseball game we swung by a liquor store called “Liquors” and picked up the bottle in the pictures.  We drank it straight over ice out of paper Super 8 cups.  It was sweeter than I expected, but in a good way.  Chris put it on ice like we were drinking movie champagne.

This is an Old World pizza from 5 Points Pizza.  5 Points was recommended to us by a few Yelp lists (Thanks Sophie Johnson!).  The Old World is just sliced mozzarella over some pockets of crushed tomatoes.  That little cup in the corner is basil not some kind of green dipping sauce.  Usually pizza places just put that on the pizza, but I kind of like the option of basiling my pizza as I see fit.  Overall I thought this was a decent pizza.  I don’t think it was so good I would never try another pizza place in Nashville, but I know that it will treat me right even unless I want to park in front of their building to pick up my pizza.

St. Louis Food

We hit up a Smoothie King for breakfast.  Chris got a vanilla lean 1 and I got a Mangofest.  My Mangofest tasted like orange juice only thicker.  Chris seemed to like his smoothie because he finished his in the store while staring at the guy who made it.

We got tasty pulled pork sandwiches from these dudes.  The guy in the orange was wearing a Cochon Butcher shirt.  We asked him about it and found out he was from Houma and used to live down the street from us.  He hooked us up with some extra chicken wings.  I am glad to see this Katrina solidarity finally paying off.

This is Chris Trew’s water with a dash of Pina Colada syrup.  The more interesting thing was while Chris was drinking it a drunk guy from St. Louis talked to him for a while and then gave Chris two bro hugs as we tried to leave.

We can’t hide the fact that we got boneless wings from Hooters.  We had to wait a long time for a server to show up.  Another weird thing  was that a makers and coke and a jack and diet were the same price.  Hooters doesn’t understand top shelf.

Kansas City Food

The first things Chris Trew told me after we agreed to this trip was, “I got food in Kansas City locked down.  We are going to Oklahoma Joe’s.  Its the best BBQ and it is in a gas station.”  Any time the trip came up he would say something along the same lines and kept really building it up.  It was also the first place that my only friend from Missouri, Emily Frederick, recommended.  Even with all that build up the place totally nailed it.  The only flub was that Chris and I agreed to split a meal consisting of: 3 ribs, sausage, carolina pulled pork sandwich, dirty rice, bbq beans, and fries.  I ordered fries first, but when Chris sat down he also had fries.  GUYS WE HAD TOO MANY FRIES!!!!

I ordered an electric lemonade at Kauffman Stadium.  The guy in front of me really wanted a crown on the rocks, but the lady told him that her management required her to put a splash of something in each drink.  He argued with her about it before he agreed to let her spritz his whiskey with the tiniest amount of coke.  This argument was way more electric than my lemonade.  It was too sweet and I eventually left it under a seat.

We ordered a pizza from the hotel restaurant because we are total road dogs now and that is what road dogs do.

Kansas City, MO/Lawrence, KS/Stillwater, OK Food

We decided to stick around in KC for most of Thursday, so we hit up the other famous BBQ place.  It’s called Gate’s BBQ.  It is really strange because when you walk in the employees all say, “Hello! How may I help you?”  They all say it in unison and with the same pitch.  It is like you are in a Stepford wives BBQ Joint.  We Ordered the 4 Boner plate which came with Ribs, Brisket, Fries, Beans, Bread, and Ham.  I had never had BBQ ham before.  I never need to have BBQ ham again.  The rest of it was pretty good.  I would definitely go to Oklahoma Joe’s before I would go to this place.  There were less robots there.

Chris Trew came up with this great idea as we were heading to Wichita, he found a burger place in Lawrence, Kansas near the University of Kansas.  It was called local burger and they sold exotic meats and told you where the farm that the meat came from was. We both got elk burgers with cheese.  We also got housemade applesauce and a gluten free cookie.  Eating elk made me feel powerful.  Eating applesauce made me feel old.  Eating a gluten free cookie made me feel like one of Master P’s more phoned in UHH’s.

Lastly, we stopped at Mucha Lucha Tacos in Stillwater, Oklahoma near Oklahoma State University.  I got some sweet rolled chicken tacos, and Chris got a California Burrito.  I think that dang thing had fries on it.  The also sold sweet Jarritos Orange soda.  This place was right in this strip of bars near OSU, and we could totally imagine how amazing this food would be at 2am after a hardcore night of drinking.  Fries on a burrito after 5 drinks, you gotta be kidding me.  It fueled us up pretty well so we went to a honky tonk looking bar where they alternated country songs and Lil’ Wayne.  Stillwater is a contradiction like that.

Oklahoma City Food

We went to a place in OKC called Big Truck Tacos.  I got a sweet pork taco specifically because it was named after someone named CJ, and I have a cool friend named CJ.  Chris Trew got some cool tacos with pickled veggies.  All the food was real good, but the restaurant itself was a hassle.  There wasn’t enough seating so we tried to double up with some other people, but their mom showed up and got real mad at the idea of having to sit kind of near other people she didn’t know.  Also, there was a guy yelling real loud about how gay marriage was tyranny.  Chris Trew called him out on it, but I am not sure if he heard or cared.

Near the ballpark in OKC was a place called the Bricktown Brewery.  We went there because they had a Golden Tee machine (secret trip subplot: golden tee is taking over our lives) and they made these fries.  They were called Fat Elvis fries, and they were sweet potato fries with peanut butter sauce, banana chips, and bacon.  They were real tasty.  What wasn’t tasty was that I lost the game of Golden Tee by like 20 strokes.  Also pictured is Chris further indulging his love of Tennessee Honey whiskey.

I realized I had been on a week long baseball road trip and hadn’t had a single hot dog. I corrected this over site by ordering the Cheesy Mac at Frank’s Hot Dog Works at the ballpark in OKC.  You guys, I got a hot dog with only Mac and Cheese on it. Does that mean I have given up on life?  They put bread crumbs on top of it to make it classy.  I liked that touch, but over all it was kind of bland.  The hotdog was the best part which is weird to say because I don’t really like hotdogs.

We also got some awesome taco truck tacos from Salsa Limon in Fort Worth.  We each ordered one El Capitan taco which had skirt steak, cheese, cilantro, pickled cabbage/ and tomatillo sauce on it.  They were awesome we ate them, and then went to a bar and played golden tee (seriously please call our loved ones to stage an intervention).  As we left we decided, we needed another taco to eat and to get a picture of.  As soon as we got the tacos we straight forgot about the picture and ate them.


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