Kansas City Food

The first things Chris Trew told me after we agreed to this trip was, “I got food in Kansas City locked down.  We are going to Oklahoma Joe’s.  Its the best BBQ and it is in a gas station.”  Any time the trip came up he would say something along the same lines and kept really building it up.  It was also the first place that my only friend from Missouri, Emily Frederick, recommended.  Even with all that build up the place totally nailed it.  The only flub was that Chris and I agreed to split a meal consisting of: 3 ribs, sausage, carolina pulled pork sandwich, dirty rice, bbq beans, and fries.  I ordered fries first, but when Chris sat down he also had fries.  GUYS WE HAD TOO MANY FRIES!!!!

I ordered an electric lemonade at Kauffman Stadium.  The guy in front of me really wanted a crown on the rocks, but the lady told him that her management required her to put a splash of something in each drink.  He argued with her about it before he agreed to let her spritz his whiskey with the tiniest amount of coke.  This argument was way more electric than my lemonade.  It was too sweet and I eventually left it under a seat.

We ordered a pizza from the hotel restaurant because we are total road dogs now and that is what road dogs do.


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