Kansas City, MO/Lawrence, KS/Stillwater, OK Food

We decided to stick around in KC for most of Thursday, so we hit up the other famous BBQ place.  It’s called Gate’s BBQ.  It is really strange because when you walk in the employees all say, “Hello! How may I help you?”  They all say it in unison and with the same pitch.  It is like you are in a Stepford wives BBQ Joint.  We Ordered the 4 Boner plate which came with Ribs, Brisket, Fries, Beans, Bread, and Ham.  I had never had BBQ ham before.  I never need to have BBQ ham again.  The rest of it was pretty good.  I would definitely go to Oklahoma Joe’s before I would go to this place.  There were less robots there.

Chris Trew came up with this great idea as we were heading to Wichita, he found a burger place in Lawrence, Kansas near the University of Kansas.  It was called local burger and they sold exotic meats and told you where the farm that the meat came from was. We both got elk burgers with cheese.  We also got housemade applesauce and a gluten free cookie.  Eating elk made me feel powerful.  Eating applesauce made me feel old.  Eating a gluten free cookie made me feel like one of Master P’s more phoned in UHH’s.

Lastly, we stopped at Mucha Lucha Tacos in Stillwater, Oklahoma near Oklahoma State University.  I got some sweet rolled chicken tacos, and Chris got a California Burrito.  I think that dang thing had fries on it.  The also sold sweet Jarritos Orange soda.  This place was right in this strip of bars near OSU, and we could totally imagine how amazing this food would be at 2am after a hardcore night of drinking.  Fries on a burrito after 5 drinks, you gotta be kidding me.  It fueled us up pretty well so we went to a honky tonk looking bar where they alternated country songs and Lil’ Wayne.  Stillwater is a contradiction like that.


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