Nashville Food

We hit up this awesome burger place called Burger Up.  This is a Woodstock.  It was a fancy bun topped with fancy bacon, fancy chedder, and fancy homemade Jack Daniels Ketchup.  Terp got his medium, but I was bold and got mine rare.  I also got a ginger beer that made my lips tingle.   In the background is their homemade aioli and homemade ketchup.  Those were also fun.  I would definitely eat at this place again.

Chris Trew dropped the Tennessee Honey bombshell on me on the road to Nashville by saying, “Hey have you had any of those honey whiskeys?  They are badass.”  So before we hit the baseball game we swung by a liquor store called “Liquors” and picked up the bottle in the pictures.  We drank it straight over ice out of paper Super 8 cups.  It was sweeter than I expected, but in a good way.  Chris put it on ice like we were drinking movie champagne.

This is an Old World pizza from 5 Points Pizza.  5 Points was recommended to us by a few Yelp lists (Thanks Sophie Johnson!).  The Old World is just sliced mozzarella over some pockets of crushed tomatoes.  That little cup in the corner is basil not some kind of green dipping sauce.  Usually pizza places just put that on the pizza, but I kind of like the option of basiling my pizza as I see fit.  Overall I thought this was a decent pizza.  I don’t think it was so good I would never try another pizza place in Nashville, but I know that it will treat me right even unless I want to park in front of their building to pick up my pizza.


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