Oklahoma City Food

We went to a place in OKC called Big Truck Tacos.  I got a sweet pork taco specifically because it was named after someone named CJ, and I have a cool friend named CJ.  Chris Trew got some cool tacos with pickled veggies.  All the food was real good, but the restaurant itself was a hassle.  There wasn’t enough seating so we tried to double up with some other people, but their mom showed up and got real mad at the idea of having to sit kind of near other people she didn’t know.  Also, there was a guy yelling real loud about how gay marriage was tyranny.  Chris Trew called him out on it, but I am not sure if he heard or cared.

Near the ballpark in OKC was a place called the Bricktown Brewery.  We went there because they had a Golden Tee machine (secret trip subplot: golden tee is taking over our lives) and they made these fries.  They were called Fat Elvis fries, and they were sweet potato fries with peanut butter sauce, banana chips, and bacon.  They were real tasty.  What wasn’t tasty was that I lost the game of Golden Tee by like 20 strokes.  Also pictured is Chris further indulging his love of Tennessee Honey whiskey.

I realized I had been on a week long baseball road trip and hadn’t had a single hot dog. I corrected this over site by ordering the Cheesy Mac at Frank’s Hot Dog Works at the ballpark in OKC.  You guys, I got a hot dog with only Mac and Cheese on it.  Does that mean I have given up on life?  They put bread crumbs on top of it to make it classy.  I liked that touch, but over all it was kind of bland.  The hotdog was the best part which is weird to say because I don’t really like hotdogs.

We also got some awesome taco truck tacos from Salsa Limon in Fort Worth.  We each ordered one El Capitan taco which had skirt steak, cheese, cilantro, pickled cabbage/ and tomatillo sauce on it.  They were awesome we ate them, and then went to a bar and played golden tee (seriously please call our loved ones to stage an intervention).  As we left we decided, we needed another taco to eat and to get a picture of.  As soon as we got the tacos we straight forgot about the picture and ate them.


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