St. Louis Food

We hit up a Smoothie King for breakfast.  Chris got a vanilla lean 1 and I got a Mangofest.  My Mangofest tasted like orange juice only thicker.  Chris seemed to like his smoothie because he finished his in the store while staring at the guy who made it.

We got tasty pulled pork sandwiches from these dudes.  The guy in the orange was wearing a Cochon Butcher shirt.  We asked him about it and found out he was from Houma and used to live down the street from us.  He hooked us up with some extra chicken wings.  I am glad to see this Katrina solidarity finally paying off.

This is Chris Trew’s water with a dash of Pina Colada syrup.  The more interesting thing was while Chris was drinking it a drunk guy from St. Louis talked to him for a while and then gave Chris two bro hugs as we tried to leave.

We can’t hide the fact that we got boneless wings from Hooters.  We had to wait a long time for a server to show up.  Another weird thing  was that a makers and coke and a jack and diet were the same price.  Hooters doesn’t understand top shelf.


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