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The Oklahoma City Redhawks via Photographs – @ChrisTrew

Oklahoma City was a blur but their ballpark was pretty good. Easily the most people we saw at a minor league on this entire trip but that could have been because it was a Friday night or because it was Fireworks night or because it was girl mascot bobblehead night. We left before the Fireworks but yeah, we got there with plenty enough time to get our girl mascot bobblehead.

I wanted Chris Carrington to take a picture with this UPS Buffalo (?) and he insisted on pretending to kick it. His eyes, however, are clearly focused on something else entirely.

Lots of history in this ballpark, perhaps most interesting of them all is this, the very first customers of the very first Dipping Dots, Ice Cream of the Future. These guys probably didn’t know they would be written about on a No Limit Records/Baseball Road Trip blog but then again they were the first consumers of  a futuristic ice cream food so maybe they did. The original Ice Cream Men, uuuggggghhh.

Pattern destroyed. This is not a bird claw even though the Redhawks are birds.


The one damn giveaway we scored on this whole trip. I was expecting to fill my bookshelf with toys and memorabilia from baseball parks all over the mid-west but now I just have this thing.

(Ok, I’m actually really excited about Ruby)

Oklahoma City was a lot more fun than we expected. The baseball park area was cool, fans were cool, cool.

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The Nashville Sounds via Photographs – @ChrisTrew

My first time in Nashville! Lots to see and do but here is the main event, an evening with the Nashville Sounds. Here’s dem photographs of that there park.



Chris Carrington insisted on making the same sad face he made with a similar trinket in Memphis and I insisted on calling out the game. Your move, Carrington.


This man was facing the wrong way during most of the game and I didn’t have the heart to tell him.


The lady selling Funnel Cakes had them in a plastic tub and this station was empty. Just a pile of oils hanging out. Did the lady selling cakes work for the team? Who let her in? Are these Funnel Cakes sanctioned? I do not want to eat these Funnel Cakes.



If you listened to our podcast you know these kids were being real racist and I called them out. Immediately afterwards a homerun was blasted over the center field wall. As we learned in Memphis, I have powers.


Not sure why these are bear paws and not music notes but there ya go. Maybe an actual bear stepped in actual paint and walked through the park in a straight line? Probably.


I vote Thumbs Up on the guitar scoreboard. If you’re in Nashville you gotta do this. There’s probably some sort of cactus screen in Phoenix and there’s probably some sort of traffic jam bleacher area in Atlanta. Carrington said he’d feel better about this if the guitar was turned upright and there was a video screen on it.

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