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Lil’ Soliders vs Snoop Dogg: A Tale of the Tape – @crappington

In Kansas the City, we listened to Lil’ Soldiers – Boot Camp.  This was one of only 3 No Limit albums I owned.  In Kansas the State, we listened to Snoop Dogg – Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told.  One of 1000 No Limit albums that Chris Trew owned.  On the face of it, these two albums don’t seem to have a lot in common, but they have always been linked in my mind as the two novelty No Limit albums.  Now it is time to scientifically break them down and determine which is the better.

Release Date

Snoop Dogg: August 4, 1998

Lil’ Soldiers: April 27, 1999

Breakdown:  Da Game was released first and was the third album released by one of rap’s biggest names.  Boot Camp came out later and was produced by Adults who by that time had made probably 250 albums.


The Adults should have known better.

Number of Tracks

Snoop Dogg: 21

Lil’ Soldiers: 17

Breakdown: 16 of the 21 tracks on Da Game featured other No Limit artists.  Da Game also featured two sequel tracks to more famous early Snoop songs: “Still a G Thang” and “Gin and Juice II” (wikipedia’s notes on the album says Gin and Juice II tends to be a sequel.).  Boot Camp only had 6 songs with other No Limit artists.  The also decided not to create sequels to any classic rap songs.


For No Limit, quantity never equaled quality.  Plus, fuck you Snoop for tarnishing the memory of some of my favorite songs in your catalog.

Best Track

Snoop Dogg: Woof

Lil’ Soldiers: School on Lock

Breakdown: Woof freatured Fiend and Mystkal (two of my favorites).  The chorus was : Woof Motherfucker Woof.  Bow Wow Wow Yippie Oh Yippie Ay.  It is also the best example of how Snoops real laid back flow could contrast really well with the more aggro No Limit Rappers.  It also ends with 45 seconds of Bow Wow Wow Yippie Oh Yippie Ays while someone just mutters bitch in the background.  School on Lock doesn’t have any guests.  However it does contain what sounds like the lines: “We be gettin’ snacks while ya’ll are sayin’ jack” and “Meanwhile all the kids in my grade drink lemonade”.  The song also ends with them arguing which grade has the school on lock.  One of the Lil’ soldiers presents a pretty strong case for his grade having the school on lock because, “Our tests are harder than your’s/Our girls are bigger than your’s.”


Seriously Snoop! Bow Wow Wow Yippie Oh Yippie Ay!  You had only made 2 albums before this.  You can’t already be out of ideas this early in the game.

Album Art Work

Snoop Dogg:

Lil’ Soldiers:

Breakdown: Da Game is Pen and Pixel art at its best.  Snoop sitting on a throne in front of a giant mansion with his name on it!  Seriously look at that mansion.  It has a rotunda as the entrance.  He also has 2 dogs.  One is clearly a danger because he has to be muzzled even sitting in the front yard, but Snoop rolls so deep even that muzzle is diamond studded.  These things are the definition of having fat stacks.  Boot Camp has a cool action figure/toy theme going on.  I love the bad ass dollar store dinosaur that is trying to take a bite out of the soldiers.  Good thing that Soldier has a nerf sucker dart to defend himself!


Seriously, look at that damn thing. He has a diamond studded cane made of gold!

Wikipedia Article Word Count

Snoop Dogg: 994

Lil’ Soldiers: 202

Breakdown.  Everything comes down to the final category and this one is a straight numbers game.  The Snoop article is way more in depth.  You can learn who produced each track, who wrote each track, or which songs were singles.  The Lil’ Soldiers article just has a brief history of how the soldiers released this one album and then disappeared and a track list.  You can also find out that Boot Camp hit 80 on the Billboard R&B chart.  Pretty good for some kids.


Seriously no one should spend 1000 words on Da Game.  It is the shittiest album. The album marked the decline of No Limit and the tarnishing of one of raps early greats (Also, thanks Snoop for taking a dump on all those classic hits!) .  So in a stunning 3 – 2 victory, Platinum Diamonds crowns Lil’ Soldiers – Boot Camp as the best of all the No Limit novelty albums

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Mean Greens, Cornbread & Cabbage – @Crappington

The first album we listened to on the way to Nashville was Kane and Abel’s “Am I My Brother’s Keeper.”  This is an album that I don’t remember to well.  The only thing that stuck with me was that I wasn’t a huge fan of Kane and Abel.  This go round showed me why I don’t remember it.  Kane and Abel are kind of boring.  They don’t really have cool choruses.  The twin rapping thing isn’t really a fun gimmick because it just means that most of the time they rap in unison, but 90% of No Limit songs are overdubbed.  Also in retrospect it is hard to really get in to the album when I know that these guys went to jail for 3 years for refusing to work with prosecutors to bring down a drug kingpin who was accused of murder.

All that being said though, I love the song Greens, Cornebread, & Cabbage.  It has a super fun chorus, a still kind of engaged Master P guesting and a pretty neat beat that kind of feels like springs or worms or something.

The second album we listened to was the Mean Green Compilation.  I also didn’t remember this one, but Trew assured me that it was one of the better ones.  I totally agree after this go through.  I liked that each song had a different set of artists so it never got stale.  It kicked off with a really badass MAC and Fiend Duet.  These are two of the most solid No Limit rappers and I really felt like they nailed it.
The highlight of the album is Mystikal song called “Thats the Nigga.”  This song is just straight up full on crazy.  There are no other guest stars and it contains some awesome lines like:

I throw em off, I’m two scoops for coo coo
I swoosh through your froot loops, poo poo in your fubu
That’s right Mystikal is saying that he is going to come to your house, knock over your froot loops, and shit on your clothes.  But he isn’t done because once he is in your house he is also going to:

Stop your water turn off your gas cut off your lights
Move you out, cut your grass, watch your kids, fuck your wife

And if he hadn’t already ruined your life enough Mystikal is also wants you to know this about him:

I’m the thief in the night that slide your drawers off ya
It sucks that Mystikal has to ruin your life, but at least he left you such a cool song to remember it by.

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Remembering Mr. Serv-On @Crappington

In high school when we were first getting in to No Limit, we all picked who our favorite rapper was.  I wasn’t going to be a conformist and say P or Mystikal, so I decided to just arbitrarily pick one of No Limit’s deep cuts: Mr Serv-On.  Once I made this decision I went hardcore.  “Da Next Level” was the third album I bought in my life (The fourth was Serv’s earlier release “Life Insurance.  The fifth was Lil’ Soldiers “Boot Camp” which will definitely be a future post).  I raved about how good this album was to anyone who would listen.

So I was particularly invested when we fired up “Da Next Level” today on the drive to Memphis.  I was kind of hoping that this listen would prove that occasionally you can go home again and I would love Mr Serv-On as much today as I did in 10th grade.  Unfortunately, none of these things happened.

Now I had sort of seen this coming because in my heart of hearts I knew all those years ago I was faking my love of Serv.  Even then I could tell he didn’t seem to understand how to match a beat or how to write lyrics that created a coherent song theme, but I had planted my flag and stuck to my convictions that Serv was the best of the No Limit rappers.

This listen through thoroughly exposed that fiction.   I can’t pretend anymore.  I have to admit that Mr. Serv-On isn’t that good, and that at 15 I was just being stubborn and trying to play the “Oh you just aren’t smart enough to get why he is so good” card to feel cooler.  I can also use the rest of the time on the Platinum Diamonds trip to crown my new favorite No  Limit rapper, and this time it will be for all the right reasons.

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