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The Five Faces of Mystikal – @crappington

On the drive between Kansas City and Wichita, we listened to Mystikal’s Unpredictable.  In honor of this solid No Limit Album, I have decided to try to do something no man has done before and predict what Mystikal is thinking based only on his facial expression. This Mystikal is thinking that he shouldn’t have had that second helping of Sweet Potatoes.  He is so full and the Lion’s are getting blown out again.  He always overdoes it on thanksgiving.

This Mystikal is thinking about how tired of hearing you talk about season 3 of the wire he is.

This Mystikal is thinking how happy he is you recognized that his Halloween costume was a penny.

This Mystikal is thinking about the plight of Ai Weiwei in China.  He doesn’t think a man’s family should be threatened because he speaks his mind.

This Mystikal is thinking that everyone is laughing at him because he has a stain on his shirt.

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