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The Kansas City Royals via Photographs – @ChrisTrew

I’m a KC fan. Been here a handful of times, my favorite BBQ in the world is here and this park is super fun. Let’s put our crown on and march inside!

Hall of? Hall of WHAT? Hall of Halls Medicine? Hall of Terror? Hall of 1985? WHAT IS IT…

Judging by this crazy man’s getup, it’s clearly a Hall of Fame. We spent 30 minutes in here that felt like 5 and that could have been 300. Super awesome, even though this man is there when you first walk in and he’s really aggressive. I would be to if I was a baseball player from the early 1900’s who stuck in 2012, I guess.

The Indianapolis Clowns?!? What, did the catchers paint big mouths around their own little mouths? Did the first base coach make first basement smell the flower on his uniform? I have to stop myself.

Garth Brooks is from Kansas City, Kansas but Chris Gains is from Kansas City, Missouri so this makes sense. (credit: Chris Carrington)

This is the gift that France sent over to Kansas City after the war and Kansas City became cowtown.

A kid was walking by this and the man who’s life is defined by nobody ever touching this said, “no touching, please don’t touch” and the kid’s dad was a cool dad and a little like whatever¬†so he said something like “maybe next time, son” and the man who’s life is defined by nobody ever touching this said “no touching EVER”. I was there to remember the whole thing.

Pattern broken.

Pattern restored and heightened!

This guy worked at the team shop. He was not helpful but he’s probably be cool to party with.

This is where we were for the last inning because…


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The St. Louis Cardinals via Photographs – @ChrisTrew

I’ve been to St. Louis many times before but never to Busch Stadium! I am tickled. Let’s cover our armpits and scoot inside.

These guys have been pretty successful and man do they remind you about it at every turn. I suppose that’s what you should do. I still have my High School Talent Show certificate framed in my office and my hallways and my bathroom and my master bedroom. Also, I made copies of my High School Talent Show certificate. Second place.

This is the actual World Series trophy which is a pretty big deal. These dumb kids in front of it don’t understand how big of a deal it is. These kids don’t know anything. They were saying dumb stuff and they clearly didn’t choose their outfits. I followed them to their seats and they just wouldn’t shutup about things that just don’t matter at all in the long run.¬†

Here is where all the St. Louis Cardinal wives bring their fruits, vegetables and fridge magnets to sell to baseball fans. All the good stuff is gone by the 2nd inning though.

Excellent pattern work by Chris Carrington.

These should be at every sports arena so that assholes can make the same jokes about getting their friend a build-a-bear and then one day a man will reveal that he has actually build his own bear and he thoroughly enjoyed the entire process mainly the customization options they give you and he truly actually loves that bear he built.

Jokes over. Beautiful baseball park. I’d go back. Only thing that would make it better is the Arch coming out of center field but yeah, I know.

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